Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese: Revs 2, Chivas USA 3.

I really should have posted about this two weeks ago. I know. But summer is waning, so I've been trying to spend as little time as possible seated at a computer. Sorry...

Anyways. Grilled cheese is pretty straightforward. Even on a camping grill.

It is also Chris's younger brother, Michael's, favorite food. Naturally, it was an ideal choice for Michael's first ever MLS game and tailgate.

Chris and Michael enjoying pre-game festivities

My grandmother has taught me how to make Weight Watchers microwaved grilled cheese on no fewer than twenty occasions. No offense to Grandma (or to Weight Watchers), but I think Weight Watchers grilled cheese is rubbish. In my opinion, the secret of excellent grilled cheese is fourfold:

1. Use really good bread (in our case, Nashoba Brook Bakery rosemary garlic bread).
2. Choose a cheese that has good stretching properties (in our case, muenster. I am also fond of swiss).
3. Use BUTTER. You're eating a grilled cheese. You're not fooling anyone into thinking it's health food. You may as well be generous with the butter.
4. Do not cook it in a microwave.

I also always use whole grain mustard on my grilled cheese, but I don't think that's an essential ingredient. Some people just don't like mustard. I happen to be a little obsessed with it.

As for the game: Chris and Michael got bumped up to the President's Club, where they enjoyed sideline seats!

At the beginning of the game, Michael pointed to Revs player Diego Fagundez's name in the game program, demanding of Chris "1995?!" (presumably in disbelief). For those who can't do math, that makes Diego sixteen years old. To our surprise, Diego made his professional soccer debut that night. To our delight, he drew a penalty and scored a goal. Go, Diego, go indeed. So this is what it feels like to be excited about something. The Revs lost, but somehow it still felt promising.

Diego prepares to enter the game. Yes, his hair is for real.
Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived. If you follow the Revs, you know this by our two most recent results. If you don't follow the Revs, well, they're having a tough time finishing the job these days.

But we're still having a good time in the parking lot.

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